Airplus, Celebrates its 11th Year with New Investments

09 Temmuz 2019  //  Airplus

Airplus is celebrating its 11th anniversary in the HVAC industry with recent investmentsand renewed corporate identity practices. Airplus Air Conditioning Technologies GeneralManager Kubilay Çiftçi talked on the issue stating that:

“In these days that we celebrate our 11th anniversary we have made innovations both inour physical work environment and in our corporate identity practices that reflect ourspirit. We renewed our logo for our 2nd decade in HVAC industry. In our new logo, wewanted the “+” symbol which forms the letter “P”, to symbolize our brand name and thepositive value promised by our brand to our customers. Thanks to our new facilityinvestment with the purpose of completely changing our physical working and productionenvironment, we have moved our administrative staff as well as production facility to ournew facility of 9,000 square meters located at the highway exit of Hüseyinli-Şile on theway to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge on the Asian side of Istanbul. Out of a total area of9,000 square meters, 6,700 m2 is covered area and 2,300 m2 is an open area. Theclosed area consists of a 1.15 m2 2-storey Administrative Building and 200 m2 R&D,production and development, production and inventory. We have created a largeconference hall within the Administrative Building, in order to ensure the sustainability ofthe qualified workforce and the quality of outsourcing after-sales service (servicenetwork). We shall use this hall to provide theoretical trainings to the candidatesespecially due to the demands of the service established in overseas projects and toupdate the information of our existing human resources, by providing refreshingtrainings. Following the theoretical trainings, we will be able to introduce our products inthe showroom. Owing to this investment, we tripled our production capacity and in thisway we are capable of responding to projects faster in our new production facility. In ournew factory, we used an architectural design focusing on the comfort, happiness ofemployees as well as the sustainability of quality in production and efficiency. In order to increase the interest of all department employees to the products and to make them feel the common purpose, we enabled the monitoring of the production area from thecommon areas as well as the administrative departments.

Our product range is quite extensive: As in the past 11 years, we proceed tomanufacture and design innovative products that the market needs at home and abroadsuch as air conditioning plants, DX battery conditioning plants, hygienic type air handlingunit and rooftop air handling unit, fan coil units, pool dehumidification units, heat recoverydevices with heat pump, ceiling type heat recovery device, DX coil ceiling type heatrecovery device, vertical heat recovery device, unit heater, cellular fans, cellularventilator, shelter fan, exhaust hood plant, shaft damper, ground convector, rectangularduct type fan, duct type heater, axial jet fan and hepa filter box in our new plant.

There are 12 assembly lines in our production line. One of the investments we shall startup in 2019 will be one punch and one fiber laser machine that we shall add to ourexisting machinery park. As the number of our assembly line increases, our need forqualified personnel shall increase, as well. We have completed our preparations for this.

We pursue to provide “One Stop Supply and After Sales Service Regarding HVAC” withour production, sales, after-sales services teams and technical staff.

As Airplus, we do not sell through the dealership network in the domestic market, weprefer to serve directly. However, we prefer to work with strong business partners inforeign markets (for example, Turkic Republics, Middle East, Balkan countries) with theaim of eliminating cultural differences and taking advantage of being local. We pay greatattention in conducting partner researches when entering new markets. Turkey airconditioning industry has become competitive in exports with increased consumerawareness of considering 'comfortable living conditions' as the 'lower limit'; this is ofcourse an opportunity for the domestic market, but it is not enough, since the economicfluctuations still make exporting indispensable for manufacturers. However, suddenincreases in foreign currencies cause the cost of the main components used in ourproducts to exceed. Considering that the support given to the construction industry is notsufficient and the industry is in a contraction trend, it can easily be said that our countryshould hold on to the industry-oriented development and the share of the manufacturingindustry in the national income should be increased. When this is achieved, more andmore products can consistently be sold to foreign markets ensuring the inflow ofcontinuous and reliable foreign which shall eventually keep other industries as well asthe construction industry alive. Unfortunately, the construction industry has beensupported artificially so far, and we have not yet achieved the main goal I havementioned. For sure, the contraction in the construction industry has not only deeplywounded manufacturing companies active in the domestic market, but also hasadversely affected companies such as Airplus that target the domestic and foreignmarkets together and do not strategically collect all eggs in one basket.”