New Plant Investment by Airplus Air Conditioning Technologies

09 Temmuz 2019  //  Airplus

Airplus Air Conditioning Technologies has been carrying out its production activities withits qualified personnel since the beginning of September, in its new facility invested thisyear which is located at the Hüseyinli-Şile highway exit on the route of Yavuz SultanSelim Bridge on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul.

Kubilay Çiftçi, General Manager of Airplus Air Conditioning Technologies, who providedinformation on the subject said that; “Our new facility covers a total area of 9 thousandsquare meters. 6.7 m2 of this area is closed, where 2,300 m2 is open area. A totalarea of 1150 m2 of the closed area is allocated to a 2-storey Administrative Building. Wehave created a large conference hall within the Administrative Building, in order toensure the sustainability of the qualified workforce and the quality of outsourcing after-sales service (service network). We shall use this hall intensively throughout the year toprovide theoretical trainings to the candidates especially due to the demands of theservice established in overseas projects and to update the information of our existinghuman resources, by providing refreshing trainings. With these efforts, we aim to ensurethe continuity of service quality. Following the theoretical trainings, we will be able tointroduce our products in the showroom. Owing to this investment, we aim to triple ourproduction capacity and respond to projects faster. As usual; we shall continue our waywith solid but bigger steps in our new facility owing to efficiency in first investment cost,quality in equipment and human resources, energy efficiency, project specific flexiblesolution alternatives, appropriate delivery times and unique design.”

Giving information about the architecture of the new factory, Çiftçi stated that “In our newfactory, we used an architectural design focusing on the comfort, happiness ofemployees as well as the sustainability of quality in production and efficiency. In order toincrease the interest of all department employees to the products and to make them feelthe common purpose, we enabled the monitoring of the production area from thecommon areas as well as the administrative departments.”

Çiftçi also mentioned the production line of the new factory and said that: “Our productrange is quite extensive. We shall proceed to manufacture air conditioning plants, DXbattery conditioning plants, hygienic type air handling unit and rooftop air handling unit,fan coil units, pool dehumidification units, heat recovery devices with heat pump, ceilingtype heat recovery device, DX coil ceiling type heat recovery device, vertical heatrecovery device, unit heater, cellular fans, cellular ventilator, shelter fan, exhaust hood plant, shaft damper, ground convector, rectangular duct type fan, duct type heater, axial

jet fan and hepa filter box in our new plant. As it has been for 10 years, we shall continueto design and produce the innovative products that the market needs at home andabroad. There will be 10 assembly lines in our production line. We shall need 1 laser and1 punch machine investment for our new facility. As the number of our assembly lineincreases, our need for qualified personnel shall increase, as well. We have completedour preparations for this. We shall pursue to provide “One Stop Supply and After SalesService Regarding HVAC” with our production, sales, after-sales services teams andtechnical staff.