Save Energy thanks to AIRPLUS Heat Recovery Devices!

09 Temmuz 2019  //  Airplus

Ceiling type heat recovery devices with heat pump are energy saving devices, designed to meet the need to discharge the exhaust and letting in fresh air in indoor spaces,thanks to the plated heat exchangers and the fans inside, which regenerate heat energythrough degrading fresh air and exhaust air. Ceiling type heat recovery devices with heatpump are compact devices designed to provide high indoor air quality as well as savingenergy.

In addition to energy saving advantages, it also meets the need for air-conditioned freshair in workplaces, banks, offices, hotels, houses, cinemas, fair-exhibition areas,hospitals, multi-purpose halls, restaurants, coffee halls and such high-density areas withthe need to be exhausted. Depending on the season option which could be selected fromthe control panel, the system operates in heating or cooling mode. The device isequipped with an automatic free-cooling feature, which enables further savings inoperating costs.

They are produced in standardized 3 models with an airflow range between 1000 m³/h to3000 m³/h. The models produced are designed in order to be easily assembled,maintained and installed in the suspended ceiling. The device including the evaporator,condenser, compressor, heating-cooling equipment and control panel, has a compactstructure.

The Control Unit is capable of controlling the basic equipment and optional accessoriesin the Heat Recovery Unit with Heat Pump. The frame of the ceiling type heat recoverydevice with heat pump is made of natural anodized aluminum profile and plastic cornerfittings. The cellular panels are made of 42 mm thick rock wool, where the outer wall iselectrostatic powder coated and the inner wall is made of galvanized sheet. It has self-powered, imported, silent, single-phase (230 V) plug fans suitable for speed control.

Aluminum plate heat exchangers with 40-50% efficiency are used in our heat recoverydevices. Highly efficient scroll compressors are used in Heat Recovery devices with HeatPumps. The system is secured by low and high pressure pressure switches. Highlyefficient evaporator and condensers are used copper pipe - aluminum fin types. Adistributor is used for homogeneous refrigerant distribution at the inlet of the evaporator.Air side pressure losses are reduced since the air velocities in the evaporator andcondenser are selected at 2.5 m/s or less. There is a condensate tray made of stainlesssteel under the evaporator and condenser. Fresh air passes through the plated heatrecovery exchanger in the device after being cleaned from the particles in the outdoorand indoor ambient air by G2 class filters in the exhaust line. In this way, the supplied airis cleared of particles and the plate heat recovery is free of dirt.

The products of AIRPLUS AIR CONDITIONING TECHNOLOGIES, a 100% domesticcapital company which has been performing business in air conditioning industry for 11years, have been utilized for many years in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan,Kazakhstan, Iraq and Iran as well as Turkey, that is to say "in many regions with differentclimates".

AIRPLUS’s product range is wide enough to cover all HVAC projects: Air ConditioningPlant (automatic control panel depending on customers’ preferences/need specificdesign), DX Battery Air Handling Unit (automatic control panel/need specific design),Roof-top Package Air Handling Unit, Hygienic Package Air Handling Unit, Hidden FloorType Fan Coil Unit, Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidification Plant, Extraction Hood Plant(Electrostatic Filter), Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device with Heat Pump, Ceiling TypeHeat Recovery Device, DX Coil Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device, Cellular Aspirator,Ventilator, Unit Heater (Axial / Radial Fan), Ground Convector, Shaft Damper, ShelterFan, Rectangular Duct Type Fan, Duct Type Electric Heater, HEPA Filter Box. AIRPLUScarries out its production in its facility located in Çekmeköy/İstanbul with its qualifiedpersonnel; in addition draws attention owing to efficiency in first investment cost, qualityin equipment and human resources, energy efficiency, project specific flexible solutionalternatives, appropriate delivery times and unique design.