The Air Handling Unit is a device that takes the air from atmosphere or interior space,passes it through various conditions to bring to the desired climactic conditions anddirects the conditioned air to the desired location. Air handling units may beproduced in a variety of models and features according to the configuration of theprocess and characteristics of the project.

AHUPlus series Air Handling Units are available in “mixed air”, “heat recovery” or“100% fresh air” options according to the configuration of the project.

The benefits of AIRPLUS Air Handling Units to the investor are as follows: runningwith high efficiency, air conditioning with minimum energy and thus reducingoperating costs, excellent sealing values, dynamic forces not causing vibration, easyto clean and broad service network.

Selection of AHUPlus series air handling units is done considering low running costsand efficiency. In this context, in the selection of air handling units energy-savingfans, efficient heat recovery heat exchangers and coils, and the internal structure ofthe air handling unit that provides air flow at an optimum level is very important. Withthe optionally provided automation systems, this efficiency increases to higher levels.

The AIRPLUS AHU Design Program was developed to support the selection anddesign of air handling units. Program offers many unique features to the customersuch as psychometric diagram, heat recovery selection, fan selection, electric motorselection, battery selection, heat exchanger selection, printing in pdf format.