The product casing is made of electrostatic powder paint galvanized sheet with chamfered bending and is durable. Inside the casing, there are water coils with aluminum fins set on two or three rows of copper pipe according to heating capacity and dynamically balanced, quiet and non-vibrating high capacity fans connected directly to motor. Louvres on blowing side are functional and decorative. Louvre blades are made of extruded aluminum profile with aerodynamic structure.

Maximum air throw distance is obtained by decreasing internal air pressure thanks to section design, choosing the optimum coil fin pitch according to heating capacity, using high capacity fans and aerodynamic structure of louver blade. Natural anodizing coating has been applied to maintain natural color and brightness for years.

Hangers can be used optionally for installation of wall type air heater units. They are electrostatic powder coated in harmony with air heater unit. They are designed to bear the weight of the air heater unit. Standard holes are drilled on the hangers to facilitate wall mounting. Optionally room thermostat can be used according to customer request. The desired temperature is set via the thermostat. The air heater unit fan stops when the set temperature is reached. The fan restarts when the temperature decreases.

  • Air heater units provide practical solutions thanks to their high heating capacity, being economical and safe. They are suitable for places like sports halls, production areas, meeting halls, warehouses and supermarkets.
  • Two outstanding features of the AP-HA hot air units are that they are operator and user friendly. It is operator friendly, because it provides the most economical heating option. Hot water from your central heating system or existing hot water or boiler in your facility can be used. It is user friendly because anyone can use it easily. It is trouble-free thanks to its durable structure.