Hygienic Series DX Air Handling Unit is designed to provide air conditioning in buildings by the means of healthy and fresh air.

  • It is designed not to allow dust and dirt accumulation. The device can be cleaned easily.
  • By the means of the sight glass and interior lighting system, the equipment inside the cell can be seenand checked.
  • Filter leakage complies with class “F9” and body seal complies with class “L2” according to EN 1886 Nocondensation occurs due to the silicone band that eliminates the contact between the inner and outer walls.
  • It can produce air flow 2000 m³/h to 100 m³/h.
  • It has a modular structure.
  • Complies with VDI 6022-1 / 3, DIN 1946-4, EN 13053 standards.