AIRPLUS AP-FC-GDT is the air conditioning device for individual use spaces in buildings where central systems are installed. It is an indispensable air conditioning device especially in multi-room hotels, multi-apartment residential areas, business centers, shopping malls, stores and common areas. AP-FC-GDT series concealed floor type fan coil units are four-pipe-four-row coil, two-pipe-three-row coil and two-pipe. -It is available in three different models as a two-row battery.

AIRPLUS AP-FC-GDT has a body shaped from galvanized sheet. The whole interior body is manufactured with mounting holes so that it can be mounted on the wall. Fan coils have a main condensation pan and 3 mm thermal insulation has been applied to prevent sweating. Condensation coming from the elements connected on the water inlet and outlet pipes is prevented by placing an additional drip pan.

The high efficiency and low noise level (5 speed / 230V / 50 Hz) directly coupled double suction PVC bladed radial fan motors used provide ease of use with their economy in operation and convenient service.

Aqueous coils are produced from highly efficient, seamless copper pipes and corrugated hydrophilic coated aluminum fins with increased surface area. Thanks to its hydrophilic coating, the condensed water is quickly transmitted to the drain pan, preventing additional pressure losses that may occur on the serpentine surface, and the desired air flow is transmitted uninterruptedly. Each serpentine is tested at 24 bar pressure under factory conditions and then mounted on the devices.

It provides ease of operation and maintenance with its specially designed filter rail that can be removed and a cassette filter made of polypropylene material suitable for washing with water.

Protection against impacts and water is provided by using a specially designed terminal box for electrical connections and BMS connection board assembly.

AIRPLUS AP-FC-GDT series Fan Coil devices are packaged ready to be shipped with cardboard boxes as standard. Thanks to optional complementary products of AIRPLUS AP-FC-GDT devices, more comfortable and easy operation is provided.