The body is made of high quality galvanized steel. Thanks to the integrated blister process, no water leakage occurs as there is no welded point. Foam is applied all around using EPS material and adhered to the drain pan. It is elegant and lightweight thanks to the use of mostly non-metal materials.

4-way air supply, suction grille, panel frame and multiple air supply adjustable on both sides make room temperature much more uniform and comfortable.

The coil is designed with coil selection software and tested in the factory performance testing laboratory to ensure performance. A continuous high-density Integral type "C" shaped heat exchanger that is directed by the double folded coil design, prevents the space temperature difference resulting from a double uneven internal air mixture and makes the internal air temperature uniform is used. The coil has a return-flow design, resulting in higher efficiency.

The coil is made of high quality 9.52 mm (diameter) copper tubing and is made of high intensity hydrophilic coated aluminum fins. An advanced tube expansion process is used that best contacts the copper tubes and fins together and also adopts a large diameter and low noise fan blower to ensure the best heat transfer efficiency. The cover is made of brass and the design ensures even distribution of the water flow, resulting in less head loss and thus, improves heat exchange performance. Performance is improved by 15% due to the good match of the fan blower and the newly designed air deflector.

Condensation drain pan: The bubble process is used and after heating, is bonded together with the high density E foam drain pan as a whole. Drain pan and EPS foam are made of fire resistant material.

Condensation drain pump: The intelligent high lift condensate drain pump can provide a water height of 750 mm, which makes it easier to install the drain pipe and provides good drainage performance.

After the water rises to a certain position, the float switch is activated and triggers an alarm, then the unit cuts off the water valve or stops the fan motor.

Motor: Using a large diameter vortex centrifugal fan ensures low noise operation and energy saving. Three-dimensional spiral blades with large tilt angle and bearing motor are used. It uses anti-corrosive, hardened and tempered steel on the motor shaft providing longer service life, higher efficiency and lower noise. Also good EPS foam helps to absorb noise.