Airplus kitchen aspirators are devices designed to exhaust the hot, oily and humid air that comes out during cooking in industrial kitchens and cooking areas. Thanks to the structure that keeps the oil and soot particles in the air in the inlet air, thanks to the grease trap and/or odor trap filter at the entrance of the kitchen aspirators, and the structure that ensures the cleaning of the air to be discharged into the atmosphere, the filtered air does not touch the electric motor in a separate cabinet while passing through the center of the centrifugal fan. It is a specially designed fan that also ensures that it is not affected by hot air.

Thanks to the drainage groove in the area where the oil trap filter and centrifugal fan cabinet are located, the drain pan and drainage outlet designed to drain the condensed oil and moisture, as well as to drain the water and chemicals used during chemical cleaning, are available on the device as standard.