The linear grille and convector frame of the product are manufactured from aluminum profiles with high corrosion resistance. An optional aluminum frame is available. Our standard heating coils feature copper pipe and aluminum fins, with galvanized sheet mirror and brass sleeve fixed to outside of casing with ½” internal thread. Coils are manufactured by mechanically inflated copper pipes with ½” diameter and ensuring tight contact with lamellas. Coil is manufactured with 6 mm pitch, at 40x35 mm geometric mold.

  • Discharge and air relief cocks are located at the fixed brass fitting outside of the casing. In this way, water contact in the casing is avoided and damage to electrical component is prevented. The pipe connections of the coils are mounted on sheet metal legs so that they can be removed after disassembly. Optionally, a 1/2’’ two-way motorized valve can be used at the coil outlet.
  • AP.C series floor convectors are modern heating equipment supporting under floor heating system. It can be used as a secondary heating system with radiator, under floor heating systems, air handling units etc. No wall space is required for installation. It is housed in a floor slot and covered with a covered stylish roll-up grille with a special spring inside.
  • Particularly with the mechanical strength of linear grille that is parallel to short edge, it can be used in all areas of your application and you can move over it safely. In all convector casings, there is Allen bolts inside the casing to provide ease of application.
  • Floor convectors can be used at every place that have glass facade such as showrooms, winter gardens, indoor sports facilities, business centers, conservatories, public spaces, banks and residences.