Double-walled hoods can be used in the kitchens, cooking and frying areas used inplaces with large-volume production such as food factories, shopping malls’restaurants and hotels. Airplus hood air handling units are suitable for double-walledhood applications and thanks to its compact structure it offers ideal solution for airconditioning by the means of ventilation and heat recovery -DX coil-outdoor unitoption. Automation is on the unit’s panel.

  • Exhausts the cleaned cooking gas and steam collected by hood system in the kitchen during cooking.
  • In the heat recovery model, the hot air formed in the kitchen is transferred through the heat exchangerand without mixing with fresh air; it is conditioned and transferred into the hood environment. This saves energy.
  • In the model where DX coil is used in the fresh air line, it is connected to the outdoor unit and thanks tothe bypass damper it cools the kitchen environment.
  • After recovering the heat in the exhaust air, it increases the temperature of the fresh air with optionalelectric heater.
  • Low energy losses thanks to DX-VRF system.
  • Purifies the dust and particles in the environment using G4 and/or F9 filters in the fresh air line.
  • Thanks to the metal filter, electrostatic filter and activated carbon filter in the exhaust line, formed kitchengases is exhausted by purification rates of up to 99%. It provides minimum odor emission.
  • Minimum environmental pollution, prevent dirty and greasy air out of the chimney, provides a cleanbusiness.
  • Provides minimum productivity loss.
  • Provides minimum energy consumption.
  • Extends the life of the fan and filter thanks to air handling unit feature.
  • Have the automation panel.
  • Relevant investment cost, offering a fast and easy solution. Relevant operating cost.