• Smoke Evacuation Damper (Wall Mount)

• Smoke Evacuation Damper (Duct Mounting)


The casing of the product is made of galvanized sheet with a thickness of 1.50 mm and its wings are made of galvanized sheet. Wing housings are made of bronze material, wing mechanism material is made of steel. They work with parallel blades. It works with 24V-230V smoke damper or fire damper motor, depending on the feature of the place to be used.


If the smoke and heat generated during the fire are thrown into the atmosphere in a controlled manner; Personnel or firefighter entering the fire area will work more comfortably during the rescue, cooling or extinguishing process.

The fire smoke and heat will be expelled without spreading to other areas, so that the products, systems and structural elements in the whole volume will not be damaged and the damage will be reduced.

By preventing the heat from accumulating inside and increasing, the acceleration of the fire will be reduced and the products and systems in the volume will be prevented from reaching the combustion temperature. Toxic gases will be prevented from remaining inside.

By not allowing the accumulated heat to affect the structural elements, it will ensure that the static of the building is not deteriorated. In single-storey buildings, parking garages of buildings, underground transport systems, domed architectures, large shafts and elevator shafts that do not have positive pressure, the accumulation of heat and smoke occurs rapidly with the start of the fire; If the smoke and heat are not expelled by dampers, the smoke accumulating at the upper levels collapses and moves on the basis of floors to spread horizontally, the properties of the steel structure carriers deteriorate.


• Installation to the air duct by means of bolts and nuts

• Thanks to the special frame structure that can be mounted in the concrete slot, it can be screwed together with the box profile