AIRPLUS launches its new products

09 Temmuz 2019  //  Airplus

AIRPLUS, launches EUROVENT Certified Hygienic DX Air Conditioning Plant, producedwith 100 percent domestic investment in Turkey and its Low Noise Compact HeatRecovery Device.

AIRPLUS carries out its production in its facility located in Çekmeköy/İstanbul with itsqualified personnel, efficiency in first investment cost, quality in equipment and humanresources, energy efficiency, project specific flexible solution alternatives, appropriatedelivery times and unique design.

AirPLUS General Manager Kubilay Çiftçi stated that they contributed to the developmentof not only Turkish manufacturing industry but also the national economy, as one of thefirst domestic air handling units manufacturer in the package air handling unit marketwhich is dominated by imported devices; and he added that their products have beenutilized over years in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq and Iran, aswell as Turkey, that is to say in many countries with different climates.

Çiftçi, who stated that the Multi-functional DX Hygienic Package Air Handling Unit meetsthe need for fresh air and exhausting with its advanced and highly efficient EC PLUG fantechnology in hygienic places such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories,and cosmetics facilities, added that “DC INVERTER is a compact product that providesthe cooling, heating, humidification and utility hot water required by the locale with itscompressor and EEV technology.”

Çiftci explained that the Low Noise Compact Ceiling Type Heat Recovery device meetsfresh air and exhaust needs indoors and added that the aim of the design is to transferthe exhaust air heat to the fresh air passing through the heat recovery heat exchanger,hence in this way saves energy by discharging the exhaust ambient air to theatmosphere instead of conditioning it consuming energy.

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