Fresh air device with heat recovery is called IGK or VAM device for short. IGK devices are devices that provide energy saving by recovering heat energy without mixing the exhaust air and fresh air with the help of the fans inside, thanks to the special plate heat exchanger designed to meet the exhaust and fresh air needs in indoor spaces.


The carrier frame is double-walled from 1.00 mm thick galvanized sheet, and the inside of the device is 30 mm thick with sound insulation. It has self-powered, imported, silent, single-phase (230 V) plug fans suitable for speed control. Heat exchangers with an efficiency of 45-60% are used in our heat recovery devices.


Ceiling type heat recovery devices are designed to achieve high indoor air quality as well as saving energy. An efficient heat transfer is provided between warm and cold air currents with aluminum plate heat exchangers with high performance and thermal conductivity. They are devices for providing fresh air besides the advantage of energy saving in workplaces, banks, offices, hotels, houses, cinemas, fair-exhibition areas, hospitals, multi-purpose halls, restaurants, coffee halls and places where such high-density exhaust is required. It is produced as 10 standard models in the range of 500 m³/h - 5000 m³/h air flow. The produced models are designed in such a way that they can be easily installed and maintained at a height that can be placed in the suspended ceiling.


It provides the necessary fresh air to the indoor environment and increases the air quality. - It discharges the low quality air in the indoor environment. - Conditions the fresh air by utilizing the energy of the exhaust air. - It ensures the filtering of the fresh air supplied to the indoor environment.