The carcass of our economic type cabinet aspirators is manufactured from natural anodized aluminum profile and corner elements. Cabinet panels are 25 mm thick and the outer wall is electrostatic powder painted and the inner wall is made of galvanized sheet metal.

It is indispensable for central ventilation applications thanks to its insulated panels, carcass structure, statically and dynamically balanced, quiet, efficient double-suction radial fans. Our electric motors are 380V-50Hz as standard.

Power transmission in fan-motor set used in AP-EKO series cabinet aspirators is provided by belt-pulley assembly. Double suction radial fans are used in this series, and the electric motor is mounted on the fan. Optimum flow and pressure settings are realized by adjusting the fan speeds as desired thanks to the belt-pulley assembly.

All double-skinned panels are mounted to the aluminum frame with screws. As standard, service and intervention covers have a latched structure with a compression feature that does not allow air leakage. Under the cabinets, there are feet of 2 mm thick galvanized sheet and 100 mm high.

If fresh air is to be supplied into the space, depending on the customer's request, G3 or G4 coarse filter can be added.