AIRPLUS Roof Type Air Handling Unit consists of 3 series.

  1.  AP-RT-V series; It consists of 13 different models with 30% fresh air, single fan, cooling capacity range of 43 kW - 203 kW.
  2.  AP-RT-V+A series; It consists of 13 different models with 30% fresh air, double fans, cooling capacity range of 43 kW - 203 kW.
  3.  AP-RRT series; It consists of 11 different models with 100% fresh air, double fans, high efficiency enthalpy rotor heat recovery, total cooling capacity range of 80 kW - 297 kW.

Rooftop packaged air handling units are used in hypermarkets, shopping and business centers, theatres, cinemas, social facilities, airports, restaurants, conference halls, factories, etc. applied to flat roofs or terraces.


  • energy efficiency (EC fans)
  • Easy installation, low operating and initial investment cost.
  • Fresh air control and Free-Cooling.
  • Ability to automatically adjust the fresh air rate between 0% - 100%.
  • Ability to connect to the building management system.
  • Standard heat pump.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Filter contamination alarm.
  • Maximum efficiency and low noise level with tandem SCROLL compressor in all units.
  • Stainless drain pan.
  • CE and ISO 9001 certified.
  • R410A refrigerant.
  • Having more than one heating option (Heat pump, natural gas, electric heater, water heater battery, steam battery)
  • Variable air flow and low energy consumption with EC plug fan or AC fan models with frequency inverter depending on the project.
  • Possibility of filtration with G4.
  • AIRPLUS rooftop packaged air handling units are designed for cooling and heat pump heating. Apart from this, depending on the project, a hot water coil, electric heater or natural gas-fired hot air generator can be placed inside the plant for heating. Rooftop packaged air handling units, which are fully assembled in a single body and shipped with R410A refrigerant refrigerant, also provide great ease of installation to the customer.
  • When the outside air temperature is low, energy saving is achieved by air-conditioning without cooling with 100% outside air. In addition, a quality mixture is obtained by mixing the return air with fresh air by means of exhaust - fresh air and mixing dampers.