Product Material

The linear grille and convector casing of the product are manufactured from aluminum profiles with high corrosion resistance. Optional aluminum frame is available.

Heating coils are as standard with copper tube and aluminum fin type, with mirror made of galvanized steel sheet and with a fixed brass union 1/2” internal threaded outlet outside the case. Coils, 1/2” diameter copper pipes are mechanically inflated and produced in such a way that tight contact with the lamella collars is provided.

Coils are manufactured in 40x35 mm geometric molds with a pitch range of 6 mm. Discharge and air vent valves in the coils are located on the fixed brass union outside the casing. Thus, the water contact inside the case is cut off and it is prevented from damaging the electrical components. The coils are mounted on steel legs so that they can be removed after the pipe connections are removed.

The fans used in convectors are tangential fans with a low noise level, 45 mm rotor diameter, and 230V voltage. It has double speed, 1250 rpm and 1630 rpm. It can optionally be used in tangential fans with 24V voltage. Fan power cable ends are located inside the case by connecting to the terminal block. Thermal relay and fuse protected city line electricity is attached to the terminal block by means of the union on the case, and the necessary electricity for the fan is supplied. Optional room panel and electronic controller can be used. Thus, the motorized valve (open/close) in the battery and the speed of the tangential fan (3 stages) can be controlled.

Usage Features

AP.FC series floor convectors are modern heating equipments that supplement the underfloor heating system. Radiator, floor heating, air handling unit etc. can work with.

No wall space is required during assembly. Thanks to the fan, the heating capacity and blowing distance have been increased. It is placed in the flooring slot, it is covered with a stylish and foldable linear grille by means of a special spring inside.

Especially with the mechanical strength of the linear grille parallel to the short side, it can be used comfortably in every area of ​​your application and you can move on it safely. In all convector cases, there are leveling set screw bolts inside the case for ease of application. Floor convectors can be used anywhere with glass curtain wall such as showrooms, winter gardens, indoor sports fields, business centers, conservatories, public spaces, banks, residences.