Mini Chiller and Heat pump series can produce cold water/hot water and utility water. Mini series chiller and heat pump series are produced with frequency inverter, Ec axial fan and fixed compressor and Ac axial fan. It can be optionally equipped with circulation pump and expansion tank. 

Heat pumps are produced as 2 and 4 pipes. It can produce 55-50 / 50-45 / 45-40 C* hot water regime among its series. It can produce 6-11 / 7-12 / 8-13 C* cold water. It can provide uninterrupted comfort with its steam injection system, which can work in heating at -15 C* conditions. The 4-pipe series, on the other hand, can provide domestic water output at the same time as comfort water.

Automatic condenser cleaning - Condenser fan is designed to produce uninterrupted service with ice breaking and condenser fan snow throwing feature.

It provides energy consumption by cascading up to 4 cascades with its cascade connection feature and by making capacity regulation at high capacities.

Complies with EU-EC 842/206 F gas regulation with low refrigerant usage.