AP-HRT series AIRPLUS Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Units are designed to provide air conditioning with healthy and clean air in hospital and clean room applications that require sensitive and sterile conditions. AIRPLUS Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Units prevent the formation of bacteria in the environment and the entry of viruses into the sterile environment in health and food facilities, ensure the balance of positive and negative pressure, and transfer the fresh air taken from the outside environment to the environment under the required temperature, humidity and hygiene conditions.


  • It is designed in a way that does not allow dust and dirt to accumulate. Cleaning of the device can be done easily.
  • Thanks to the sight glass and interior lighting system, the equipment in the cell can be seen and controlled.
  • According to EN 1886, the filter leakage class is “F9” and the body tightness is “L2”. Condensation does not occur thanks to the silicone band that cuts the contact between the inner and outer walls.
  • It can be produced between 2000 m³/h - 100.000 m³/h flow rate.
  • It has a modular structure.
  • It complies with VDI 6022-1/3, DIN 1946-4, EN 13053 standards.


Hospitals (especially operating rooms and intensive care units), laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities, clean rooms, food production facilities and the chemical industry.