Air Handling Unit is a device that ensures that the air taken from the atmosphere or indoors is sent to the room after being brought to the desired climatic conditions after passing through various conditions. Air Handling Units can be produced in many models and features according to the nature of the process and the characteristics of the project.

According to the structure of the project, AHUPlus series Air Handling Units; It can be selected as “Mixed Air”, “Heat Recovery” or “100% Fresh Air”.

The benefits of AIRPLUS Air Handling Units to the investor; we can list them as working with high efficiency, using the least energy and thus reducing operating costs, having excellent sealing values, not causing vibrations due to dynamic forces, being easy to clean and a wide service network.

Selection of AHUPlus series air handling units; It is done by keeping low operating costs and efficiency in the foreground. In this context, in the selection of air handling units; Energy-saving fans, efficient heat recovery exchangers and serpentines, and the internal structure of the plant that provide optimum air flow are very important. With the automation systems offered as options, this efficiency rises to higher levels.

The AIRPLUS AHU Design Program has been developed to support air handling unit selection and design. Program; It offers many superior features to the customer such as psychometric diagram, heat recovery selection, fan selection, electric motor selection, battery selection, heat exchanger selection, printouts in PDF format.