DX battery; By using a refrigerant with the help of a compressor, the heat taken from the air passing through the evaporator is loaded into the refrigerant and the air is cooled. To explain the system simply, a direct expansion cooling coil is adapted to an air handling unit and VRF outdoor unit is connected to this coil as needed. While doing this process, the refrigerant is evaporated directly in the source to which the heat will be transferred, namely in the AHU. In the transfer with conventional cooling groups (chiller / hot water boiler), the heat is first transferred to the water, then heat transfer is carried out in the AHU through pipes and pumps. AHU with DX coil provides air conditioning in the space without the need for hot water boilers thanks to its traditional cooling groups and heat pump operation.


Energy losses in fluid pipes are much less.

With its high COP values, it is very advantageous both in terms of operating and investment costs.

Heating and cooling only with VRF outdoor unit.

1,800 – 25,000 m³/h air flow, 14-180 Kw/h power in a single device.

Providing optimum control with the variable capacity compressors (inverter technology) and fans used.

Ability to respond quickly to partial loads.

Getting into the regime in a very short time.

The risk of freezing of the water coil in conventional AHU systems is not present in this system.

Maintenance costs are much lower than traditional systems.

Low sound level.

It offers a new, easy and fast solution to small and medium-sized facilities with a single investment.

Compared to chillers and hot water boilers, the static load on the building is negligible.

Since it is suitable for outdoor conditions, it does not need indoor space.