Ceiling type heat recovery heat pump devices are designed to meet the exhaust and fresh air needs in indoor spaces and thanks to its special plate heat exchanger and with the help of the built-in fans, it provides energy saving by recovering the heat energy without mixing the exhaust air with fresh air. It has a compact structure thanks to the evaporator, condenser, compressor, heating-cooling equipment and control panel. The body of the ceiling type heat recovery heat pump device is made of natural anodized aluminum profile and plastic corner elements. Thickness of cell panel is 25 mm, outer wall is electrostatic powder coated and inner wall is manufactured from galvanized sheet.

It has self-powered, imported, silent, mono-phase (230 V) and plug-in fans suitable for speed control. Aluminum plate heat exchangers are used at 40-50% efficiency in our heat recovery devices. In the Heat Recovery Heat Pump devices high efficiency scroll compressors are used. The safety of the system is ensured by low and high pressure switches. Depending on the season selected from the control panel, the system operates in either heating or cooling mode. The device features automatic free-cooling and this feature allows more savings in operating costs.

High efficiency evaporator and condenser are used in copper pipe - aluminum blade type. A distributor is used for homogeneous refrigerant distribution at the evaporator inlet. The air side pressure losses are reduced because the air velocities at the evaporator and condenser are chosen at 2.5 m/s or less.

There is a condensation pan made of stainless steel under the evaporator and condenser. After fresh air and outdoor and indoor air is eliminated from the particles by G2 class filters in the exhaust line, the air is passed through the plate heat recovery exchanger. Thus, blowing air particles in the environment is cleaned and the plate heat recovery unit is free of dirt. Optionally, a compressor noise insulation jacket is used for the compressor noise.