AirPlus Offers Brand New Products for the Ventilation Industry

10 Eylül 2019  //  Airplus

AirPlus Offers Brand New Products for the Ventilation Industry

Kubilay Çiftci, General Manager of Airplus, is one of the few people who have completedboth his high school and university education in the field of air conditioning and cooling.He started his journey in the ventilation industry in 1998, by incorporating a smallenterprise engaged in contractual business in mechanical installation projects. Statingthat they had performed production together with the application works in his previouscompany, Çiftçi achieved to manufacture the nearly professional replicas of devices usedin application. However; after a while, he preferred to develop the production branch andeventually incorporated Airplus in 2009 upon deciding to withdraw from the applicationindustry. We, as DTK team, lent an ear to Kubilay Çiftçi, who has been pursuing hisactivities in the industry for 16 years, to hear about the current developments in theventilation industry.

"Turkey needs to develop its own world-recognized certifications"

Kubilay Çiftci stated his evaluations by emphasizing that the ventilation industry gainedacceleration over the years following the integration of both technology and awarenessraising efforts, and gave the following information: "I think we still need to cover adistance in Turkey. In particular, I believe that production and calculations need to comeout of fixed norms. We have a humorous generalization on this issue: “If you invest in air,compliance with standards becomes difficult.” Humidity and leakage rate of the air is veryimportant. However, these issues are not paid much attention. For this reason, I believethat NGOs and industrial associations should increase their efforts to standardize theirfields of application. If necessary, frequency of inspections should be increased.Because companies invest not only their capital but also their time in this business.However, we have doubts about whether this is applied correctly and efficiently in thefield or not. For this reason, we should also establish the legal infrastructure for thiswithin the next few years. Turkey needs to develop its own world-recognizedcertifications. Therefore, we expect all sector stakeholders to fulfill their responsibilities.”

“We need to produce smart air conditioners”

Kubilay Çiftçi continued his words by defining the position of Airplus in the market andstated that all devices produced by Airplus are smart products which consume energy ata minimum level and this feature takes Airplus one step ahead in the market. He gave details about the specifications of the products as such: “All of our products are user-friendly. We have products that give a warning when the filter is dirty, transmit amessage to the user in the event that the product consumes more electricity than itsdesign, and alert when the temperature of the product increases abnormally and shutdown in order to prevent a dangerous situation. I think that when a structure is formed inthis direction and users understand the importance of such devices, other brands willimprove to our level and we will increase our brand value with new technologies. This iswhat it should be. Airplus is a brand which believes that air conditioners should be smartas well as smartphones and smart cars.

“2 brand new products in 2017: Axial jet fan and axial smoke extraction fan”

Kubilay Çiftçi also gave information about Airplus product groups: “We have a widerange of products. We are one of two companies in Turkey supplying all of the needsunder one roof. Our pioneering product is the air conditioning plant. That's why we alsoproduce water and DX air handling units. We are one of the pioneers in the DX cooledproduct group. In addition, we also produce rooftop air handling units. We have hygienicair handling units used in hygienic environments such as hospitals and pharmaceuticalfactories. Our package products have an important place particularly in recent hospitalinvestments, Pool dehumidification plants, which are used for dehumidification purposeboth in pools and special processes, are included among our product groups. We have awide range of products such as ground convectors, heat recovery devices and unitheaters. In addition to these, we have a new product, all of which we were developed in-house, patented in two branches and will be launched in the first quarter of 2017: Axialjet fan and axial smoke extraction fan. Currently, catalog works and software programsare in progress.”

“In 2017, we may move the Turkish air conditioning industry to a higher level”

Kubilay Çiftçi recently reviewed 2016 and made predictions on 2017: “The slowdown inthe air conditioning industry also affected us in 2016, but we are fortunately not behindthe previous year’s performance. I believe that 2017 will be a better year as a result ofthe relief of the world air conditioning industry and the launching of new projects. As aresult of the developments in neighboring countries like Syria and Iraq and therestructuring of the embargo in Iran, new investment efforts shall begin. If we canmanage these projects well, we can participate in some of these investments and movethe Turkish air conditioning industry to a higher level. I think this will be an opportunity forAirplus to improve its position in the industry.”

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