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09 Temmuz 2019  //  Airplus

AIRPLUS “APHS Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidification Plant” makes it possible to doexercise sturdily and comfortably.

Kubilay ÇİFTÇİ, General Manager of AIRPLUS, gave brief information on thespecifications and advantages of Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidification Plants.

Why is Humidity Control Important?

Water in indoor swimming pools evaporates due to ambient conditions, pool surface areaand pool activities. The amount of humidity in the environment increases andconsequently the high humidity prevents sweating in the human body. Althoughtemperature in dry air environment is high, this does not disturb individuals; howeverwhen the humidity exceeds a certain limit, heat accumulation causes a disturbingenvironment since the person cannot sweat. Increasing body temperature results infatigue and a slowdown in metabolism.

This situation negatively affects the hygiene conditions of indoor swimming pool spaces.Condensation on the building elements due to the high humidity in the air causesdamage to the building elements, deterioration of the building statics and shortening ofthe product life cycle. High humidity environments, where the rate of humidity is not keptunder control, provide suitable environments for the growth and reproduction of harmfulmicroorganisms, posing a threat to human health.

Therefore; the control of the rate of humidity in indoor swimming pool facilities with a highrate of humidity is of great importance in terms of hygiene conditions required for facilityusers, human health and operational life of the building.

What is the Reason Which Causes Humidity?

In the event that the partial pressure of the ambient water vapor is lower than thesaturation temperature, evaporation occurs on the surface of the pool water. The factorsaffecting evaporation include ambient air temperature and relative humidity, pool watertemperature, ambient air movements and type of pool usage.

The need for dehumidification in the pool facilities is caused by human activities,evaporation on the surface of the pool and other external factors. The most importantsource here is the amount of evaporation that occurs on the surface of the pool. Thecalculation to be carried out in this direction is critical for achieving the desired efficiencythrough the right product selection.

Technical Specifications of AIRPLUS APHS Indoor Swimming PoolDehumidification Plants

CARCASS STRUCTURE: The framed/carcass structure of AIRPLUS Indoor PoolDehumidification Plant consists of anodized aluminum profiles, anodized aluminumintermediate records, ABS corner and intermediate record connecting parts. With thesnap-on design of the profiles, an easy-to-clean environment is obtained by providing asmooth inner surface after panel mounting. Thanks to its special leg design, it is possibleto transfer the total weight of the power plant as a distributed load to the ground. Theforklifts and carrying rings are standardized on both the length and width of the legs,making it easier to transport the device horizontally and vertically.

PANEL STRUCTURE: Panel structure in AIRPLUS Indoor Pool Dehumidification Plant ismanufactured as double-walled and insulated with 70 kg/m3 42 mm rock wool. Thethickness of the panel is 42 mm forming a smooth surface on the inner surface of theplant thanks to its snap-on design. The panel thickness can optionally be increased to 55mm. The inner and outer metal sheets of the panels are manufactured with a thicknessof 0.9 mm and painted with oven paint in order to be suitable for working under poolambient conditions. Thermal bridging and sealing are ensured by using EPDM gasket atthe joints of the panel and carcass/frame.

TRAY STRUCTURE: Since the condensation amount is high in Indoor PoolDehumidification Plants, it is of great importance that this water is discharged quickly andappropriately. Owing to two sloped design trays with 90 mm depth of AIRPLUS IndoorPool Dehumidification Plant, it is possible to quickly collect and discharge thecondensate formed. 1.2 mm stainless steel sheet is used as a tray material.Condensation of the outdoor air is prevented owing to 50 mm rock wool insulationapplied under the tray. The standardized leg height of 200 mm provides sufficient siphonheight.

DAMPER STRUCTURE: The dampers, made up of specific design aluminum profiles,embody hidden plastic gear structure and bearings. In this way, the moving parts areprotected from dust particles coming from the external environment and the systemworks smoothly. Minimum pressure loss is provided by preventing distortion of airflowlines thanks to the airfoil design of the damper blades.

DOOR STRUCTURE: Due to their movable structure, doors are of great importance forair leakage in air conditioning plants. The doors made of 0.9 mm painted sheet metalhave a gap-free structure by means of special cast gasket ensuring a sealed structure.Since the corner angles of the special cast gaskets used are calculated and theassembly is concluded pursuant to these values, no leaks occur in these areas. Asmooth surface is formed on the inside by using external gear system as door handleand hinge system. The thermal bridges between the indoor and outdoor environmentshave been eliminated thanks to the significantly important door latches.

FAN: EC fan complying with ERP Directives is standardized in the AIRPLUS Indoor PoolDehumidification Plant. The body structure is made up of special sheet metal withincreased corrosion resistance. It is designed to be highly efficient for the required totalairflow and pressure value. Flow control can be ensured depending on the pressure.

BATTERY: AIRPLUS Indoor Pool Dehumidification Plant includes an Evaporator, HeatPipe, Condenser and Water Heater Battery. In order to protect against moisture andchlorine, all batteries are manufactured with their fin coated with epoxy and hydrophiliccoating and the frames are painted. Condensate water is prevented from going to theother cells and channels by using a drop holder following the evaporator with a paintedframe made of PP material.

COMPRESSOR AND COOLING CYCLE: A scroll compressor is standardized in thecooling cycle used for dehumidification in the AIRPLUS Indoor Pool DehumidificationPlants. The general elements of the cycle consist of evaporator, condenser, expansionvalve (thermostatic), compressor, solenoid valve, drainer and a bullseye. R407C is usedas refrigerant/reactor coolant.

FILTERS: G4 class filter is standardized. Special design filter slide mechanism provideseasy service. A low depth bag filter can be applied optionally. The filter pressure lossesvalue was calculated based on the formula (clean + dirty)/2. The impurity of the filterscan be monitored from the automation system thanks to the differential pressureswitches used.

The products of Airplus Air Conditioning Technologies, a 100% domestic capitalcompany which has been performing business in air conditioning industry for 10 years,have been utilized for many years in Turkic Republics, Middle East and the Balkancountries as well as Turkey, that is to say "in many regions with different climates".

We carry out our production in our facility located in Çekmeköy/İstanbul with our qualifiedpersonnel; in addition we continue our way with solid steps owing to efficiency in firstinvestment cost, quality in equipment and human resources, energy efficiency, projectspecific flexible solution alternatives, appropriate delivery times and unique design, Weare planning to start-up an additional new sheet metal processing machine park in our new production facility located at the highway exit of Hüseyinli-Şile located on the route of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Owing to this investment,we aim to triple our production capacity and respond to projects faster in our newproduction facility.

Pioneering products in our product line are Air conditioning Plant, DX Battery Airconditioning Plant, Hygienic Type Air Handling Unit and Rooftop Air Handling Unit(rooftop). Thanks to our pioneering products as well as other products such as; “Fan CoilUnit, Pool Dehumidification Plant, Heat Recovery Device with Heat Pump, Ceiling TypeHeat Recovery Device, DX Coil Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device, Vertical HeatRecovery Device, Unit Heater, Cellular Fans, Cellular Ventilator, Shelter Fan, FumeHood Plant, Shaft Damper, Ground Convector, Rectangular Duct Type Fan, Duct TypeHeater, Axial Jet Fan and HEPA Filter Box”, we provide our customers with one-stopsupply and after-sales service.

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